I still haven't had any luck finding these items that I've been seeking, but I live in hope. If you should happen to have any of these kicking around that you don't need any more, I'd love to hear from you.  If you have what I want, I'd be delighted to send you some embroidery designs in exchange. . .!

Item #1: The Runaway Pancake, 1956

I've had a couple of queries about this offer, but haven't yet secured the book. I'm still hoping someone  might be willing to send me a copy in exchange for $75 worth of embroidery designs. 

Let me know  if you can help me out. My friend has been seeking one for a long time, and I know he would be thrilled if I could find one of these for next Christmas!

Item #2: Candy Hits by Zasu Pitts, 1964

I'd love to find a copy of this vintage cookbook (shown with and without its dust cover). If anyone has one and would be willing to send it along to me, I'd be delighted to send you $75 worth of embroidery designs of your choice. 

Let me know  if you can help me out with this quest!

Item #3: McDonald's Looney Tunes Happy Meal Toys 2021 

In my area, McDonald's didn't offer the full selection of this year's Looney Tunes Happy Meal Toys.

I already have all 10 of the ones they made available around here, but I'd love to find the ones in the picture.

The ones I'm interested in are:

Speedy Gonzales

Foghorn Leghorn


Tweety with Mallet


Porky the Pig 

I'd love to trade $60 worth of embroidery designs of your choice if you can send me these six figures. Let me know if you can help.

If you have some but not all of the ones pictured, let me know and we can come to terms. I'm especially interested in Granny and Foghorn Leghorn. 

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