Use these designs to stitch up a slipcover or tote for your Featherweight!

If you saw these slipcovers on Facebook and would like to make something similar for your machine, please scroll down the page to find the embroidery designs.

If you need instructions or patterns for making a slipcover or tote for your FW, find links at the bottom right of the page.

If you would love to have one beautifully crafted for you by Andrea, please contact her directly.

The designs Andrea used to make this slipcover are the FW fancy border (two-piece), the FW fancy corner, and a vintage badge design. She purchased them in 4" size to make her machine cover, and that's the size that I have included in the Case Pack Design sets. However, because there are different sizes of cases you should double check make sure this is the size you need. Here's how:

Click here to find a PDF with printable templates and information on exact sizing of the FW decals. You can print the templates to try for size on your project. Save the file to your machine first, then open it and print from that; select the "no scaling" option before you print to ensure you're getting the correct sizes. You'll find some links to free video tutorials below that will get you on your way to making your own slipcovers and totes.

If you find that the 4" size doesn't work for your case and you need the designs in a larger size instead, please get in touch. I'm sure I can help you out.

Designs included in the Featherweight Case Pack, 3pc:

Sized to coordinate with the border just below
Sized to coordinate with the FW Corner Fancy design, just above

If you would like to order the badge alone, you can do so using the order forms on the Vintage Sewing page. Note that the badges are not available in 3" size.

The FW Case Pack 5-pc set includes the above designs plus these additional designs:

Sized to coordinate with the border just below

Sized to coordinate with the FW Corner Plain design, just above.


Cheryl sent in this photo of the tote she made for her Featherweight, using the designs in the 5-piece Featherweight Case Pack. Here's what she had to say:

"Just wanted to touch back with you now that I’ve had a chance to stitch out your FW designs.  They are beautiful . . .  I was about to digitize the badge myself, but just couldn’t see all that work when you had already done it for me at such a reasonable price.  Thank you again for your beautiful designs and your kind and helpful manner.   Included a pic of my FW bag I just finished. "

Cheryl didn't mention which pattern she used to make the tote, but it looks similar to the one in Laura's tutorial (link shown in #3, at right).


Order your design pack using the forms below. Multiple formats are included . You will receive your designs by e-mail attachment within 24 hours. (NOTE: You are purchasing embroidery designs, not finished case covers!)


FW CASE PACK 3pc - 3 designs

$ 15 USD











Pack contains the three designs shown in the stitched sample:

FW Corner Fancy, 4"

FW Border Fancy, 2pc, 4"

Vintage Badge 301A, 4"



Note: price is for the embroidery designs, not a finished case cover.



FW CASE PACK 5pc - 5 designs

$ 20 USD











Pack contains five designs -- the three shown in the photo plus the plain corner and border designs.

FW Corner Fancy, 4"

FW Border Fancy, 2pc, 4"

FW Corner Plain, 4"

FW Border Plain, 2pc, 4"

Vintage Badge 301A, 4"


Note: price is for the embroidery designs, not a finished case cover.



These designs, and other featherweight-themed designs, can all be ordered singly as well. Click here to go to the FW page.

Need a pattern or instructions for a FW Case Cover or Tote?

If you like the look of the case covers made by Andrea, shown in the photos,  please contact her directly to inquire about having a case cover made.

She does not sell patterns for her cases, but if you would like to make your own version, you can find many different patterns on line for making a featherweight case cover or tote. Here are some links to both free and for-purchase designs.

1. Vanessa, the Crafty Gemini, has some very clear video instructions to make a box-shaped cover for your sewing machine or case. The method would work very well for a FW slipcover, and her tutorials are superb.

2. Another a clear step-by-step tutorial for a cover comes from Professor Pincushion, Tova. Follow her instructions to make a cover for your Featherweight case.

3. Debbie Shore has posted yet another video tutorial, with step-by-step instructions to make a box-shaped machine cover that can be adapted to fit your Featherweight.

4. You could also try this Featherweight tote from Laura at Sew Very Easy -- she walks you through step-by-step with very clear explanations. Or follow her guidelines to make a machine cover.

5. If you need a pattern for a machine slipcover, you can download this free one from Robert Kaufman fabrics.

6. Finally, you can find complete pattern and instructions for a FW 221 case cover here, with clear pictures of each step.

If you watch or read enough of these, you'll get a very good sense of the procedure and will be able to measure and make a slipcover that fits your Featherweight case.

If you like the idea of a tote instead, try these:

1. Sylvia offers instructions for making your own tote on her blog, with clear photos to follow. She used the "Tall" bed decal design -- find it on the decals page.

2. Donna B's Blog gives instructions on how to create a custom tote for your Featherweight case based on measurements you take from your own machine.

3. I also really like Laura's step-by-step tutorial on how to measure and create your own zippered tote -- it's really ingenious and her instructions are very clear.

4. If you would prefer to purchase an actual pattern, you can find one from the Featherweight Shop.

5. I also recently came across these patterns for Featherweight case liner and tote bag on the Archaic Arcane website; they are modestly priced and come with detailed pictorial instructions.

Please note that I have no affiliation with any of these folks, but am just posting these links for information purposes. I have listed what look to be the best free ones here.

Interested in a different badge style? I may be able to help.

Free in 4" size

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