Looking for information on making a slipcover or tote for your Featherweight case? Click here!

(differs slightly from the black FW, above)


1. Order the size you need using the forms below.

2. Then let me know the names of your desired design(s) and the embroidery format you need (if you don't specify, I'll send PES. I am unable to supply ART format).

3. You will receive your designs by e-mail attachment or hightail download link within 24 hours.

4. Along with the design file in your required format, you will also receive a product sheet showing design details and color-change information. 

(NOTE: You are purchasing embroidery designs, not completed patches!)


VINTAGE FW SINGLE - 5in size, single design

$ 6 USD


VINTAGE FW SINGLE - 4in size, single design

$ 5 USD


VINTAGE FW SINGLE - 3in size, single design

$ 4 USD


VINTAGE FW SINGLE x 3 - all three sizes of the same design

$ 12 USD



NOTE: If you are looking for the pack of designs everyone is using to make the FW slipcovers and cases, please click here to find them.

VINTAGE FW PACK - 5in size, 5 designs

$ 25 USD


VINTAGE FW PACK - 4in size, 5 designs

$ 20 USD


VINTAGE FW PACK - 3in size, 5 designs

$ 15 USD


Looking for the designs used on the Featherweight totes andcase covers you've seen on line? Click here.


Please note that, because of the bed extension on the 221, the 221 and 222 designs differ in scale, even though they are the same width. Both designs at right are the nominal 5" size.

Interested in making machine or case covers for your 221 or 222? Download this PDF with info on the exact sizing of the Featherweight decal designs; it includes templates to print and try for size. 

Sized to coordinate with the FW Corner Fancy design, at left

This ShortFancy FW Border is sized to coordinate with the Fancy FW Corner and the two-piece Fancy FW Border (above). 

Sized to coordinate with the FW Corner Plain design, at left.

This Short PlainFW Border is sized to coordinate with the Plain FW Corner and the two-piece Plain FW Border (above). 

This FW Plain Border does not correspond in size with the borders above. It is quite a lot narrower and smaller in scale than  those designs. 

If you want the border that coordinates with the Plain FW Corner, select the two-piece design above. 

I've included the model 301 in this collection as many regard it as the "big sister" of the featherweight. It's the only other model in the line that uses the model 221 bobbin system.
(differs slightly from black and LBOW versions)
(differs slightly from LBOW and mocha versions)
(differs slightly from black and mocha versions)
To order any of these designs in 5", 4", or 3" size, either singly or in packs of five, please use the order forms in the upper right of the page. Then send me your list and I'll send out your designs within 24 hours.

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