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  • Two new free deisgns, one for Halloween and one a general observation on life. Grab these  freebies  here.

  • The Medieval Alphabet completes this week with the letter Z, available free in 4" size til 27 October 2016. Watch for the new alphabet beginning next week (Scroll down to see a sample).

  • Click here to find some new Halloween designs.
  • A new collection launches this week with the "Life is Hell" series. Find them all here.
  • If you're a fan of cartoonist Matt Groenig, you'll want this week's extra freebie design, below at left.
  • Click for easy instructions to make a hanging ornament from nearly any embroidery design!


The next free series launches next week with this lovely daisy alphabet. A new free letter in 4" size will be posted each week for 26 weeks!

Click the image to download this week's freebie in 4" size.

The extra freebie is available for one week only. After the week is up, it will no longer be offered for free. Some of these designs will later be available for sale from the regular design collection. Thanks for your understanding.

MISSED A LETTER FROM THE CURRENT FREE SERIES? ORDER IT HERE! Be sure to let me know which letter(s) you need!

SINGLE LETTER - 4in size

$ 1 USD

Please be sure to click the link above to let me know which letter(s) you need!

A couple more Halloween designs this week, plus a new series celebrating life in Hell! Click here to find all of the Halloween-themed designs, or check out the new Life is Hell collection.


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Please note that I normally send the designs via e-mail attachment, to the address given on the payment receipt. Please ensure that your settings will allow attachments through to that e-mail address, or that you provide an alternate address where you are able receive attachments.

If you don't find your designs in your mail box within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If they didn't get through, please let me know and I will make it right.

If you do not receive the designs promptly via e-mail attachment, it is likely that the receiving server or your own settings are blocking attachments or routing them to the spam filter. It can even happen sometimes if your browser has undergone a recent update -- until your security software "catches up" it may block incoming attachments.

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