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MISSED A LETTER FROM THE CURRENT FREE SERIES? ORDER IT HERE! Be sure to let me know which letter(s) you need!

SINGLE LETTER - 4in size

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  • Grab this week's new  freebie here.

  • The  Daisy Alphabet continues this week with the letter L, available free in 4" size til 19 January 2017.

  • Ten more new mini designs have been added to the collection. Click here to find them.
  • 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday, and I'll be adding designs throughout the year.  Click here to find this week's new addition, along with many more.
  • Nobody feels very rich after Christmas, and you justmight be wishing for a safe full of money. T his week's extra freebie is free with any purchase; findit below, at left.
  • Click for easy instructions to make a hanging ornament from nearly any embroidery design!

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Grab the Daisy Alphabet "K" this week, and check back each week for the next free letter in 4" size!

Click the image to download this week's freebie in 4" size.

This design is available free with any purchase for one week only. After the week is up, it will no longer be offered for free. Some of the designs in this series will later be offered for sale as part of the regular design collection. Thanks for your understanding.

Lots of new mini designs this week. Find the whole collection here.


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