If you have questions or comments, or if you have suggestions for designs you'd like to see added to the site, I'd love to hear from you!  
  • Please do not share the designs, including the freebies, with others. Instead, I hope you will direct your embroidering friends to the site, so that they can browse the designs, download the free ones for themselves, and consider making a purchase or donation. The designs themselves are mine. Please do not attempt to sell them on etsy or e-bay or in any other form.
  • You are welcome to stitch my designs on multiple items without limit. You may also use them on items you plan to sell.
  • If you wish to add lettering to a design for your own use, or change wording for personalization, or if you would like to use only a segment of a design in a stitched project, please feel free to do so, but please do not share or sell the altered design.
  • If you're not sure, please ask.
  • There is no obligation, but as digitizing is both painstaking and very time-consuming, I gratefully accept donations in any amount to help offset the time and cost of making the free designs. There is no advertising on the site, and I do not track its visitors.


I check my e-mail multiple times a day and process orders as they come in. This means you should *always* receive your designs within a few hours of placing an order.

Please note that I send the designs via e-mail attachment, to the address given on the payment receipt. Please ensure that your settings will allow attachments through to that e-mail address, or that you provide me an alternate address where you are able receive attachments.

If you have sent me your list and still don't find your designs in your mail box within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If they didn't get through, please let me know and I will make it right.
If you do not receive the designs promptly via e-mail attachment, it is likely that the receiving server or your own settings are blocking attachments or routing them to the spam filter. If that's the case, please contact me for an alternate means of delivery.

I'm an experienced sewist, pattern maker, designer, writer, and teacher who has been creating crafty things since childhood. My interests are varied and include fashion sewing and pattern drafting, upholstery, and toymaking, as well as machine embroidery. I have been digitizing for nearly 20 years now and very much enjoy the challenge; this site and its designs are products of that interest.

My idea when I began the site was to share some great free designs. This remains one of my chief motivations, so I hope you will continue to enjoy the freebies and encourage your embroidering friends to visit the site as well. The designs for sale were added at the suggestion of some of the site's early visitors, and that part of the site continues to grow. 

However, it is not and never has been my goal to compete with the large embroidery companies for whom digitizing is a business. In fact, I couldn't if I wanted to. Given how time- and labor-intensive the process is, and how little the site brings in, it could never be a business for me.

Most visitors come only for the free designs, and only a very few make donations, so the site generates little revenue. At best my hope is to get it to the point where it's revenue-neutral, since at the moment the small amount it generates doesn't even cover the cost of Internet access and site hosting, never mind time, equipment, software, materials. I digitize mainly because I enjoy it. For me, it's an absorbing and challenging hobby, and in the past 20 years I have created more than 10,000 individual designs (most in multiple sizes, for a total of close to 30,000).

You will no doubt have noticed that most of the designs on the site are "niche" subjects that are largely neglected by the big embroidery companies: Canadiana, geocaching, math and science, veterinary logos, and cultural or ethnic designs (including Baha'i, Judaica, and Native American themes). I focus on these subjects because they are otherwise very difficult to find, and they are all -- in varying degrees -- special interests of mine.

One of my own areas of fascination, and one of the strengths of the site, is the custom heraldic crest and badge designs. I've been interested in these since childhood, and when I first started machine embroidery, I hoped to be able to embroider crests for family and friends. To my discouragement, I was utterly unable to find customized heraldic crest designs for sale anywhere.

Commercial sites typically don't bother with them because they are simply not profitable. Here's why: each crest takes between 14 and 25 hours to create, and the market for each design is extremely limited, so they are a sinkhole for time and talent if you're trying to keep a business alive. Even today there are few if any other sites where you can purchase custom crest designs. For this reason I wanted to include them on my own site when I decided to add some designs for sale, and I now have the largest selection of crest and badge designs available anywhere: including all the variations, they now number well over 75.

On a typical day I spend several hours working on designs or on the website and I do quite a lot of custom designs that are of no interest to anyone but the person who originally requested them. As a hobbyist, I can take the time to create these unique specialty designs that commercial outfits can't.

For me, digitizing could never be a business. Instead, the site is, and will remain, very much a labor of love. I work entirely on my own and personally create every stitch of every design, every entry on the website, and almost all of the artwork. 

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to browse and help yourself to the freebies throughout the site. There is no obligation, although donations are always gratefully accepted.

Questions or requests? Drop me a note.