If you have questions or comments, or if you have suggestions for designs you'd like to see added to the site, I'd love to hear from you!  
  • Please do not share my designs, including the freebies, with others. Instead, I hope you will direct your embroidering friends to the site, so that they can browse the designs and download the free ones for themselves, and consider making a purchase or donation. The designs themselves are mine. Please do not attempt to sell them on etsy or e-bay or in any other form.
  • You are welcome to stitch my designs on multiple items without limit. You may also use them on items you plan to sell.
  • If you wish to add lettering to a design for your own use, or change wording for personalization, or if you would like to use only a segment of a design in a stitched project, please feel free to do so, but please do not share or sell the altered design.
  • If you're not sure, please ask.
  • There is no obligation, but as digitizing is both painstaking and very time-consuming, I gratefully accept donations in any amount to help offset the time and cost of making the free designs. There is no advertising on the site, and I do not track its visitors.


I check my e-mail multiple times a day and process orders as they come in. This means you should *always* receive your designs within a few hours of placing an order.

Please note that I send the designs via e-mail attachment, to the address given on the payment receipt. Please ensure that your settings will allow attachments through to that e-mail address, or that you provide me an alternate address where you are able receive attachments.

If you have sent me your list and still don't find your designs in your mail box within 24 hours, please check your spam folder. If they didn't get through, please let me know and I will make it right.
If you do not receive the designs promptly via e-mail attachment, it is likely that the receiving server or your own settings are blocking attachments or routing them to the spam filter. If that's the case, please contact me for an alternate means of delivery.

I'm an experienced sewist, pattern maker, designer, writer, and former teacher who has been passionate about crafting since childhood. My creative interests are varied, including fashion sewing and pattern drafting, upholstery, and toymaking, in addition to machine embroidery.

I started digitizing about 20 years ago, shortly after I purchased my first embroidery machine. I was keen to learn, not only because I like being able to do things for myself, but also because I couldn’t find the kinds of designs I really wanted to stitch for my family and friends: heraldic badges and insignia, Canadiana, cultural and ethnic motifs, science and math, and geocaching designs were among these.

When I got my first embroidery machine, I was very grateful for the freebies others had shared on the web, and once I started digitizing, I decided to "pay it forward" with some freebies of my own. When I felt that my designs were good enough to share, I created this site as a place to share with other embroiderers. I never intended to make a for-sale site; what I actually wanted was to display some of the work I was doing and post a selection of the designs as freebies to other embroiderers. In addition to starting the site, I began doing custom digitizing as a courtesy for people in an embroidery group I belonged to. At their suggestion, and at the urging of some of the site’s early visitors, I added a “for purchase” segment to my freebie site. Not being one to do things by half-measures, I soon found myself making regular weekly additions and updates, a process that was not only laborious but also time-consuming, and that didn't leave me much energy for my other pursuits.

There was an upside to all that work, though. Spending so much time and effort on digitizing really taught me a lot, and as a result, I can now pretty much create whatever designs I want for my own use. As of this writing, I have digitized somewhere around 12,000 individual designs; many, though not all, have appeared at various times on this site.  A lot of them are still here, for free.

You may have wondered why I don't promote or market the site at all -- no newsletter, no facebook presence, no youtube videos. Those omissions are deliberate, because this site was only ever supposed to be a hobby for me, and I was content to rely on word of mouth. It took a long time for the site to gain visibility with embroiderers, but by 2018, I was getting a lot of traffic (most of it for the free designs, but still . . . ). The site had grown into a bit of a monster -- it was taking way too much of my time. I was doing regular weekly postings and always thinking about what to digitize next for the site, but the truth is that relatively few of the designs ever sold. Most of my satisfaction came from creating new designs and seeing them all displayed on the site.

Nevertheless, the time seems to have come to make some decisions about the future of the site. I don't really want to run it as a business, in part because I've been experiencing some health challenges that require more of my attention, and partly because I'm happily retired and don't need the hassle. Digitizing is a fun hobby, but the commitment involved in having designs for sale is bigger than I had intended. Though I don't sell a lot of designs, I have to check my e-mail several times a day in case there's an order. And in case there is an order to be processed and sent along, that means I always have to be near my computer, which makes it difficult, for example, to travel. 

Although it's now a popular site with embroiderers, most of my visitors come for the freebies and don’t make any purchases. That's always been okay with me, but as I also receive only a smattering of small donations, the site has never generated much revenue. In fact, keeping it going actually involves a few out-of-pocket costs. It would be nice to get it to the point where it could be revenue-neutral and could help cover Internet access, site hosting, and a few supplies, but we're nowhere near that yet. 

In mid-2018 I decided to make some changes and overhaul the site, moving it back toward its original concept, as a great source of freebies for home embroiderers. I'm still posting new updates but am looking for ways to keep the thing from swallowing me whole. Sharing freebies remains one of my chief motivations, so I hope you will continue to enjoy them and encourage your embroidering friends to visit the site as well.

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to browse and help yourself to the freebies. There is no obligation, although donations are always gratefully accepted and will help me to offset the costs associated with keeping the site going.

Questions or requests? Drop me a note.