To order, please use the forms to the right of each design. Then let me know your embroidery format and any additional information, either via e-mail or using the "Note to Seller" option on the PayPal checkout page (it's just below where your personal information appears). If no format is specified, designs will be sent in PES. You will receive your designs by e-mail attachment within 24 hours.


Felt letters gorgeously illuminated with a variety of teeny Christmas designs make a wonderful bunting/banner for your holiday celebrations. The finished letters measure approximately 3.8" (90mm) high and average about 2.5” (64mm) wide (the M is slightly wider, the I narrower).

MERRY XMAS BUNTING - 10 designs, 4in size

$ 20 USD

Click here to find PDF instructions for creating the Merry Christmas Bunting.

Sew out the individual letters and string them together to make a Christmas bunting, or applique them to a tree skirt.

I'm even going to use individual letters to make tree ornaments!

Each of the letters can be sewn in the 4x4” (100x100mm) hoop. Most  sew up in about 5 minutes; the slightly larger "M" takes closer to 7 minutes, while the "I" stitches in about 3 minutes.

Excluding hooping and thread changes, you can sew out all 14 letters in just over an hour.


Sleep masks make a great stocking stuffer or tuck-in for a spa basket. The finished masks measure approx. 4”h x 7.9"w, and require a minimum hoop size of 5.12 x7.09". Most designs stitch in under 10 minutes.

The masks are available with a variety of Christmas-themed slogans but you can use your software to personalize them with another design or slogan.

For the average adult-sized head, you'll need between 15" and 18" of elastic. You can incorporate the elastic during construction or add it after the mask is completed -- both methods are given in the instructions. Finishing time will be slightly longer if you opt to add the buttonholes and attach the elastic after the mask is completed.

SLEEP MASK SINGLE - Your choice of slogan

$ 4 USD

Be sure to e-mail me your choice of slogan -- one is included with each sleep mask purchased. The following Christmas slogans are available:

  • all I want for Christmas is a long winter's nap
  • And to all a good night
  • Don't let me sleep through Christmas
  • Don't wake me unless it's Christmas
  • Dreaming of Home
  • Visions of Sugarplums
  • Wake me if you're Santa
  • Wake me when the stockings have been filled

Click here to see PDF instructions for making the in-the-hoop sleep masks.


When stitched, the Canada Flag Bookmark measures approximately  1.8" x 5.6".

Note: applique style design! The white background is felt and does not stitch.

Click here to see a pdf of instructions for making the  Canada Flag Bookmark.


CANADA FLAG BOOKMARK - 5.6in tall, single design

$ 6 USD





Along with the design file in your required format you will also receive a product sheet with design details and color-change information.



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