• The free Bats Alphabet continues this week with the letter P, available free in 4" size til 16 August 2018.


  • Summer's the height of garage sale season and a great time for all us frugalistas! Be sure to grab this week's latest freebie in 4" size:


  • It's a whole new host of large-sized spool pads just for your embroidery cones! Scroll down the page to find them here.


Over the next few weeks I will be making some changes to the nature and scope of the website. In the main, I will be reducing and/or discontinuing much of the for-sale catalog, while increasing the proportion of free content on the site. I'll post more details with next week's update, but here's a preliminary outline of what's coming:

  • The Free Alphabet series will continue.
  • The Vintage Sewing designs will also remain available for sale.
  • The Free Designs collection will be enlarged to include most of the freebies I've shared over the life of the site, and I will continue to add designs at intervals.


  • Watch for next week's update, when I will post the first installment of the expanded freebies collection -- about thirty designs and all free!
  • I have re-digitized the Lobster Candy Holder and updated the instructions.
  • I came across this great video from Steve Carmichael about DIY one-color screenprinting for T-shirts and bags. It's a fun project idea and so clearly presented that I thought you might also enjoy watching.
  • Check out the FAQ page for a short piece on using plastic as stabilizer for small embroidery projects. Find it partway down from the top of the page.
  • I will need to be on a  short hiatus later in the summer and will be away from my home computer for a while during the latter part of August and most of September. During these interludes, I'll still fill orders, but as I won't always have consistent on-line access I will ask you to please bear with me. 
  • Please note that I do not have instant download. I send out the designs via e-mail attachment (or by hightail link) as soon as possible after the order comes in through paypal. And while I do check my e-mail multiple times a day and deal with orders promptly, I may not be at the computer at the instant your order comes through. This means there may be a slight delay (never more than a few hours) before you receive your designs. If you are uncomfortable with this slight wait, it might be better not to place an order.
  • The Custom Digitizing page is still active for now but I may have to suspend it as I deal with an ongoing health situation.
  • E-mail issues seem to be continuing. Please do be sure to let me know if you don't receive a response from me when you order or e-mail. This seems to be especially a problem for certain e-mail servers -- is particularly problematic. If you have one of those addresses, I'll communicate with you via hightail.
  • I've had several queries about a newsletter. Unfortunately I  just don't have the time to put one together. Digitizing each week's new designs and updating the site are about all I can manage right now, because . . . .
  • . . . the site updates each week take anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours, depending on what kind of additions I'm making, and that doesn't include digitizing the new designs.
  • Did you know? This site contains no advertising and has no affiliations with any other site. I do not track visitors and I do not share personal information from customers or correspondents. The only revenue I receive is from purchased designs and the occasional donation.


CLICK HERE FOR HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS including a pictorial guide that illustrates the process step-by-step.

PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT HAVE INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You will receive your designs promptly but not instantly. If you are uncomfortable with a slight wait, it might be better not to place an order.


  • Andrea has been making quite a splash with her custom slipcovers for  Featherweight Cases!

Click here to find the embroidery designs she used to make her slipcovers.

If you'd like to ask Andrea to make one of her beautiful case covers for you, please contact her directly.

She's found lots of creative ways to use the Decal Set designs, and has made many different styles and variations since the first case cover!

For a complete gallery of her creations, look for her Pinterest Board called "Singer Featherweight Covers and Accessories" or find her on Facebook under "Andrea’s Custom Featherweight Covers”.

Andrea doesn't sell patterns for the cases, but if you'd like to make one for yourself, I've posted some helpful links on the Featherweight Case Pack page. 


  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

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Not sure how to place  your order? Click here for assistance, or e-mail me directly. I'm always  happy to help.


I normally send the designs via e-mail attachment, to the address given on the payment receipt. If within 24 hours you have not heard from me, please click here.

Look for more freebies throughout the site!