•  Marvin Alphabet continues this week with the upper case letter C, free in 2" size til 13 May 2021.
  • A new letter will be offered free each week until both upper case and lower case are complete.
  • This alphabet is available in more sizes for separate purchase.
  • I call this alphabet Marvin, partly because it's the one I used on this Marvin the Martian gift bag. I love its playful style -- perfect for Marvin!


  •  I don't know the source of this slogan but it struck me as funny, so here it is. Click this link to find it free in 4" size.


  • There's something comforting about this nifty loveseat. Find it in the Household Objects collection.
  • Here's another of those great vintage faces. Find this new one in the People & Faces catalogue. 
  • Sunny Sunny Days! It's been beautiful here the past week or so. Time to get outside! Find these in the Sun Moon & Stars catalogue.
  • This ambulance design has been added to the Medical-EMT catalogue.
  • I digitized this one to use on a gift bag that I was making for my little nephew, using fabric covered in trucks and tractors. Find it in the Planes Trains & Autos collection.
  • There's something about these abstract motifs that I find really intriguing. This one's cool, and can be found with the rest of the Decorative Motifs.


Special Envoy Uniform

Have you ever wondered what other uniform colours Star Fleet might need? Me too!  Click here to see what I've come up with!


Featuring a machine or gadget from my collection. Click here to read about the latest offering.


There are a few items I've been seeking but haven't been able to find; if you can help me out, I'd be pleased to send you a quantity of free designs! Click here for details.


  • Of course Scampers had to check out the new Special Envoy  ornament, just as I was snapping the photo. He's *so* nosy!
  • I love having multiple machines at the ready, set up for different tasks. But I can't stand how crowded my loft has become, so I'm reluctantly rotating a few more machines out of service and moving out some cabinets to make the room less cluttered and more user-friendly. A couple of the choices are obvious, but I find myself agonizing over the decision about which machines to take down.
  • I have made some minor changes to the site last week -- I moved my machine feature to its own page, along with my offer to trade embroidery designs for a couple of items I've been looking for as gifts for family. 
  • DH and I have received the first dose of Astrazeneca vaccine, but we are still masking and social distancing since apparently you can still carry the virus, and even if you're not sick yourself,  you can transmit the disease to others. Our area isn't under lockdown, but we do have restrictions in place, so for now we are mostly staying home. 
  • Yesterday, my dad's birthday, has brought fond memories of him. He would have been 101. Sadly, we lost him almost 23 years ago, which hardly seems possible. We all miss him still.  RIP, Dad. 
  • With the weather so nice, I did have a brief outside visit with my friend this past week, and I took some of the things I've been making. She was as intrigued as I am by the little slider boxes that were last week's project. I guess everyone loves those. 
  • And what gorgeous weather we've been having!! However, the water level in the river is very low, and we are going to need a good soaking rain soon. Let's hope we get some. 
  • It's a long time since I indulged in complaints about my hatred of Windows 10, but believe me, it's still with me. It hates my non-Microsoft programs, including my embroidery software, and it *really* hates all the peripherals I have attached for backing up my designs (I'm paranoid in that regard). It's lately been playing tricks by intermittently refusing to recognize drives that it accessed only a few minutes before. Have I mentioned how much I pine for XP??
  • I haven't been purchasing many machines recently, but I always look at anything the thrift stores have on offer. I was dismayed to see two Elna supermatics in the local VV this week. Both appeared to have been more or less stripped for parts. They were without their power cords and had no attachments or cams, which those machines need to form stitches. One of them didn't even have its knee control, needle clamp, or the finger screw for attaching a presser foot. Nevertheless, they were priced at $40 and $30 respectively. I hope nobody got suckered into paying those prices. There was also a lovely heavy Japanese machine from the 1960s which looked to be in decent shape, though it was dirty and the cabinet was pretty battered. They had it priced at $60, which is a bit too much, but even so it was a better deal than the Elnas. 
  • I sometimes get queries about a newsletter, and though I don't send one out by e-mail, I do make an extensive update with not only a collection of new designs but also news and posts about machines and projects. I only hope somebody out there is enjoying them! LOL. 
  • One of my big frustrations with Yola is that what appears on the editing screen isn't always what shows up on the published version. The program sometimes moves text and images around or deletes the spaces between words. It also loses images from the pages, which adds a whole bunch of work when I have to figure out what's been deleted. It's all very frustrating, to say the least!
  • I've lately been alternating between Hightail and WeTransfer, both of which are utilities for sending large files. If you order designs you'll receive my e-mail via one of these services. 
  • If you have ordered some designs and have not had a response me within 24 hours, it means there's a glitch somewhere, so please please LET ME KNOW!  If I don't hear from you I won't know that my message didn't make it through, so please just send a quick e-mail to say you didn't get the designs, and I will make it right or issue a refund.
  • For some reason, my Yahoo account doesn't seem able to send messages to AOL accounts, and a few other non-standard addresses, although I am able to *receive* messages from those accounts. However, messages sent via Hightail can get through when my Yahoo ones don't, so if you have ordered, please watch for a message from me coming via my Hightail account.  If more than a day goes by and you do not have any response from me, and there's nothing in your spam folder, please  do send me a note to let me know your designs haven't arrived. I'll do my best to get the designs to you, but if I can't get them through, I will refund your payment.
  • Iif you happen to notice any missing images on the site, I'd love to hear about them, as Yola occasionally deletes them for some reason. Just let me know which pages seem to be missing images and I'll make the repairs.
  • If you've ever wondered what size of design you should purchase for your project, you might want to check out this discussion of how to make a paper template to try a design against your work, even if you don't yet own the design.
  • If you're confused about the ordering process and would like more information, there are instructions here; if you're curious about why it's set up the way it is, you can read a bit of the history at length here.
  • When sending me your list of designs, please be sure to state the name of the design you want exactly as it appears on the site, in order to avoid confusion when I'm filling your order. Because these are electronic products, I won't be able to replace a design if I send the wrong one because the name was incorrectly stated!
  • Very rarely, Paypal fails to send me confirmation of an order, and if that happens I may not realize that something is amiss. If you place an order and don't hear anything from me within a few hours, please do let me know and I'll make it right.
  • I have updated the instructions for turning just about any embroidery design into an ornament, either felt-backed or embroidered on both sides. Find these new instructions here.


Interested in making one of the lovely sewing machine totes and cases that are all the rage on line? They come in a variety of styles, but all look great in plain black with vintage decal designs stitched in gold! 

Find all manner of decals at this link, or grab the same set that Andrea and Cheryl used for their projects. On that same page, you'll also find links to on-line sources for patterns and instructions.

Andrea made the slipcover shown above; the tote at left was created by Sylvia, while Cheryl sent in the picture below. You can find many more images to spark your imagination if you search "Featherweight Case Covers" on line.

Look at this beautiful mat that Darlene made for her Featherweight! I love the black corners and the black and white badge on the pink fabric. What a beautiful job. 

Below are two gorgeous totes created by Nancy B. What a stunning pair.

It's so nice to see the designs come to life on all these beautiful projects.  

Paula P has been very creative in using the Featherweight-related designs. The accessory case on the right was stitched with gold metallic thread using the FW Redwork design. And I love the little folding tray made with the Heart-Hands FW design. Seeing all these beautiful creations makes me feel I should be getting away from the computer and into the sewing room.

  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

Look for more freebies throughout the site!