•  Marvin Alphabet lower case continues with the letter n, free in 2" size til 27 January 2022. Many of the lower case letters are not actually 2" -- they are sized to coordinate with the upper case series, which are 2" tall. The actual size is noted on the accompanying image.
  • A new letter will be offered free each week until the lower case alphabet is complete.
  • This alphabet is available in more sizes for separate purchase.
  • I call this alphabet Marvin, mainly because it's the one I used on this Marvin the Martian gift bag. I love its playful style -- perfect for Marvin!


  • I originally made this design to add to a gift bag made from Dinosaur fabric!  Find the design free in 4" size at this link.
  • Last week I posted a free design of a symbol that I did not know has been appropriated by hate groups. Needless to say I was horrified to discover this information, and immediately removed the design from the site. 
  • I have replaced that design with this ASL symbol meaning "I Love You", which you can find here.  If you downloaded last week's OK symbol freebie, I hope you will also delete it from your files, and accept this new design in its place.  My thanks go to Aundrea, whose e-mail message brought this to my attention. 


  • The triskele, or triple spiral, is an ancient Celtic symbol that can be found at ancient sites all over the Celtic world -- and in may places on this site! Find this newest version of  a Celtic Spiral design among the Celtic knots
  • I love this image of animal togetherness. Find it with the rest of the Dog collection.
  • There's something about sprigs of greenery that I find cheering in the midst of winter's blasts. This design can be seen in the Flowers and Greenery collection. 
  • I recently had a query about a Brother Stellaire design. Here it is in redwork version; the fill version will appear soon in another update. Find this one in the Sewing and Crafts collection.
  • Find these two down on the farm . . .  and also along with the rest of the Animals group.


  • I've spent the past week taking down Christmas -- always a time of mixed feelings for me. The rooms seem so dark and empty after the lights are gone, but at the same time, packing away the decorations gives me another chance to handle and appreciate each one before they are gone for another year.  
  • In the past week I've spent several hours making custom boxes for the various Christmas decor items I've purchased over the year.  Here are just three of the several I've made this year. I'm not quite finished --  I still have to make a lid for the top one. I couldn't get the photo without Scampers taking an interest, as he does in pretty much everything I am doing.  

Remind me next year to make a box right away after purchasing each item, so I don't have such a large task ahead of me in January!

  • My new Windows 7 computer should be arriving any day now! I can't wait! I'll use it for all my digitizing *and* I'll be able to print the images I need for my many projects (there are no Windows 10 drivers for my laser printer, so I've been printing from my old, S-L-O-W Windows 7 printer -- a major pain).   I'll keep the new computer off-line and will continue to use this one for my e-mail and Internet connections. 
  • Iris sent photos of a few more of her amazing projects using the Featherweight and Vintage Sewing designs from the site.    Click here to see her  gorgeous work and lots of projects by others as well!


  • I took a break from my regular weekly project posts, but recently I've been posting some new ones, as I will continue to do from time to time. Click here to see my posts so far for 2022. 
  • I bought this figure of Santa painting toys a year or two ago, but I hadn't realized until recently that he was missing some accessory pieces: two paint cans and a box of toys.  My $5 thrift shop version came to me without them.

After seeing a photo of the original on line, I decided to make my own versions of his accessories before I put him away for the year.

The toy tote is made from popsicle sticks and tongue  depressors, and the toys are small wooden ornaments from my crafting stash.  The paint cans were made from cardboard covered with silver foil; the paint is coloured hot glue.

Although they're not identical, I think mine compare favourably with the originals (left, below).  Click here to see a PDF that gives more details about how I made these nifty accessories.


  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

Look for more freebies throughout the site!