• The Faerie Alphabet continues this week with the letter J, free in 2" size til 8 July 2022.   A new letter will be offered free each week until the alphabet is complete. Other sizes, as well as numbers and punctuation sets, are available for separate purchase. 

NOTICE: I will be on hiatus from July 8th until September 2nd. I will continue to post the free alphabet letter each Friday and the weekly freebie but I won't be posting new designs or news until I return in September. Have a lovely summer!


  • Today is Canada Day, but the 4th of July will be with us on Monday.Celebrate with this design, free in 4" size at this link.


  • Happy Canada Day!  Does anyone remember Bobby Gimby's "CA-NA-DA"? If so, you'll recognize the inspiration for this design!
  • I love the maple leaves in place of the "A"s in this one! Can't wait to put it on a tee.

Find both of these designs in the Canadiana collection.

  • And one more Canadiana design to celebrate the day, or just the incredible lightness of being Canadian.  
  • Find this new Eagle silhouette design with the rest of the Birds
  • On a completely different note, here's another cool Singer badge, based one one used on their cars. How cool is that? Find it with the rest of the Vintage Badges.  


  • I don't  have a project for you this week but you can  click here find links to all my previous projects.


  • Scampers is a strictly indoor cat, but now that summer's here, there's nothing he likes better than being out on the balcony. Here he is enjoying a bit of shade by the doorway. 
  • As a kid I loved to see the arrival of summer, when we were freed from the bondage of  school. Nowadays -- since I no longer have to return to the classroom in September -- the fall has overtaken summer as my favourite season. 
  • Santa found this cool Aladdin's Lamp bottle -- a vintage Avon piece -- at a local thrift store. Rumour has it that this will show up in my stocking next Christmas morning!
  • One of these is current-ly listed on ebay for $17.50 USD, plus an additional $20 for shipping to Canada.

At today's exchange rate, that would make it a total of $48.45 CDN. Santa is happy to report that he paid $1. The little joys of thrifting are beyond measure!

  • Isn't this Mountie cartton adorable? I've digitized this one, and as an extra gift to those who actually read my news and updates, I'm posting the 4" version as a freebie, which you can grab from this link.  
  • I absolutely did not need another buttonholer, but for some reason I couldn't resist this one for only $1. It's complete and functioning, and even includes the user's manual. I'm not crazy about the plastic templates, but interestingly this one came with an eyelet template as standard. 

The older versions didn't include the eyelet template, which had to be purchased separately, so they are quite rare and difficult to find today.

  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

Look for more freebies throughout the site!