• You may have seen lettering similar to this  Pretoria alphabet built in to many of Brother's embroidery machines.  The letter H is available free in 2" size until 14 December 2023. I'll release a new letter each Friday until the alphabet is complete. 





  • I make a large percentage of my Christmas gifts, but like many I struggle sometimes to come up with things for the guys. My solution is simple: personalization. Click here to find a link to the PDF with examples of the kind of things I've made for my guys, and to find links to my previous projects from this and former years.


  • Scampers accom-panies me pretty much everywhere, and likes to spend time in the sewing loft with me.  Sometimes he's right in the way, but other times he's content to sit quietly nearby. 
  • OH NO! The touch screen on my poor old PR600 quit completely yesterday, and I can't run the machine at all, since nothing shows on the control panel. Since our excellent local tech retired a few years ago, there is nobody locally who can repair it. The nearest repair centre is a 6-hour drive away, and there's no telling when they'd be able to look at my machine.  And I still have things to finish for Christmas!! 
  • These glass ornaments were 3 for a dollar at my favourite thrift store; only the one on the right is actually vintage, but the other two are vintage in style. They're keepers for sure. 
  • I couldn't believe my good luck in finding this brand new Ove Glove priced at 50 cents -- and it was blue tag day, so I got it for half price: a quarter!
  • The online price for one of these from Walmart is currently $30.58.
  • My brother is a Peanuts fan, so I couldn't resist this Snoopy ornament for 35 cents. I'll change the date to this year or something timeless, and Snoopy will go into his stocking.
  • As of today, we have only 17 days remaining to get everything done by  Christmas day!  (I love this countdown thing!)
  • I've been a Wallace and Gromit fan since first encountering them in the Aardman videos A Grand Day Out and The Wrong Trousers. I picked up this Wallace figurine on my one visit to England nearly 30 years ago. About 15" tall, he originally contained bubble bath (!). He's taking his place with the Christmas display this year with a new Santa hat and a fleece scarf.  
  • I didn't buy any new Hallmark Looney Tunes ornaments this year -- their selection of LT this year wasn't to my taste, and they really are rather pricey. We don't have a Hallmark store anymore, so I'd have to pay shipping as well. So I was happy to find this one in the series they do for Walmart, for under $10. He's already found a place on our family roomLT tree.
  • Sofka wrote to tell me about the beautiful accessories she made for her Featherweight  using my designs. They are just gorgeous!  Find some more inspiration in other client projects by clicking here.
  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

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