•  Marvin Alphabet continues this week with the upper case letter W, free in 2" size til 30 September 2021.
  • A new letter will be offered free each week until both upper case and lower case are complete.
  • This alphabet is available in more sizes for separate purchase.
  • I call this alphabet Marvin, mainly because it's the one I used on this Marvin the Martian gift bag. I love its playful style -- perfect for Marvin!


  • This one's fun to stitch on cat-themed projects, and I love the comic font. Click this link to find this one free in 4" size.


  • Heraldic deer heads come in many versions. Here's another new one for the Heraldic Motifs collection.
  • Aren't these designs just ducky! This is something my dad used to say to his curious kids who wanted to know what he was building. Find both in the Birds collection.
  • This guy won't be saying "meow" but he'll make a fine embellishment for a guy gift.  Find him with the rest of the Cats.
  • It's hard not to love sunflowers -- they're so cheerful and bright. Find this crazy version with the rest of the Florals and Greenery.


Little kids still love Thomas the Tank Engine, and what 3-year-old wouldn't want a Thomas-themed cardigan, made by his Grandma?  

Click here to see the one my sister crafted for her little treasure.


Badged Simpson's Model #237

This sweet basic zigzagger came home with me a few weeks ago.  Read more about it here.

I'll add a new machine/gadget post next week.


There are a few items I've been seeking but haven't been able to find; if you can help me out, I'd be pleased to send you a quantity of free designs! Click here for details.


  • This is my gorgeous Bearly, the most beautiful and gentlest of cats. This picture was taken a few years back. He's elderly now, and quite arthritic (like me!) but still as sweet-natured as ever and as loving. We have been blessed to have him with us for the past 14 years, and hope he has several more to go. 
  • I will be continuing to make changes to the site over the next couple of months, as a result of a medical condition that makes sitting at the computer inadvisable. As I do this, I'll be retiring some of the designs and taking down some pages, as well as reducing the extent of the weekly updates. I'll still be posting freebies each week. 
  • Here's one of the reasons I love thrift shopping! Not only can you find quirky and vintage items, but you can sometimes luck out and find just exactly what you were looking for. For instance, I was stumped for a gift for my brother-in-law, until my sister mentioned that he had broken the plastic scoop he uses for making his world-famous meatballs.  

Lee Valley stocks a good-quality all-metal one for $20, and I had determined to pick up one of them for his Christmas parcel when I discovered the very scoop at one of my favourite thrift stores, in brand-new condition and for a fraction of its retail price. That's the kind of find that makes a frugalista smile. 

  •  If you're wondering what happened to the custom digitizing pages, I've had to remove them because I really do have to limit the time I spend at the computer. My apologies if this causes you any inconvenience. 
  • I digitized my satin Cougar Face (above) after I saw a similar one in an advertisement offering inexpensive digitizing. A quick look will perhaps reveal how they keep their prices low: I am fairly certain the design was auto-digitized. It will sew out okay, but won't be as crisp or as professional, nor give as good a result, as a hand-digitized version. (Can you tell which one is which?) 
  • Wow -- my button parts arrived today. Speedy delivery from Six Cent Press! They weren't in time to make it into the parcel I mailed to my sister for her craft sale, but they'll come in handy as I do up last-minute items for Christmas stockings.
  • I've just about finished up my Christmas gifts for family, and just have to box up the parcels for mailing, which I'll be doing within the month. Then I have to turn my attention to the gifts for my brother-in-law and my friend who can't join us for Christmas this year.  I'll turn to the gifts for DH last, since I've got til Christmas Eve on his.  I've already ordered a couple of books he's been wanting, and I have a bit of a stockpile, so I have a good head start on his gifts too. 
  • I ran into a friend when we were out briefly on Tuesday -- haven't seen her since all the Covid thing began. It was nice to have a chat, even for a few minutes.   
  • I am still hoping to to develop a proper on-line store for the Vintage Sewing designs, complete with instant download. This will be labour intensive to get this up and running so it will take a while, since I'm having to take it in stages.
  • Scroll down a ways to see new pictures of  Featherweight projects contributed by Rogene -- they are just beautiful.  


Interested in making one of the lovely sewing machine totes and cases that are all the rage on line? They come in a variety of styles, but all look great in plain black with vintage decal designs stitched in gold! 

Find all manner of decals at this link, or grab the same set that Andrea and Cheryl used for their projects. On that same page, you'll also find links to on-line sources for patterns and instructions.

Andrea made the slipcover shown above; the tote at left was created by Sylvia, while Cheryl sent in the picture below. You can find many more images to spark your imagination if you search "Featherweight Case Covers" on line.

Rogene made these beautiful cases and accessories for her many Featherweights.

She reports that she achieved a more "open" look by stitching only selected portions of the badge design.  I very much like the effect.

All these interior pockets are sure to come in handy! The Featherweight fabric is a bonus too. 

What a lot of work -- but a lovely addition to her collection of machines.

Sandra E. sent these pictures of the gorgeous accessories she made for her Featherweight.  Aren't they just wonderful?  I really like her use of the Heart-Arms design on the front of the case cover.

This pincushion stand is super cute too -- the first one I've seen made with the designs from the site. What a lovely addition to a Featherweight sewing room!

Look at this beautiful mat that Darlene made for her Featherweight! I love the black corners and the black and white badge on the pink fabric. What a beautiful job. 

Below are two gorgeous totes created by Nancy B. What a stunning pair.

It's so nice to see the designs come to life on all these beautiful projects.  

Paula P has been very creative in using the Featherweight-related designs. The accessory case on the right was stitched with gold metallic thread using the FW Redwork design. And I love the little folding tray made with the Heart-Hands FW design. Seeing all these beautiful creations makes me feel I should be getting away from the computer and into the sewing room.

  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

Look for more freebies throughout the site!