• The Faerie Alphabet continues this week with the letter W, free in 2" size til 29 September 2022.   A new letter will be offered free each week until the alphabet is complete. Other sizes, as well as numbers and punctuation sets, are available for separate purchase. 


  • Here's a fun Sorcerer's Hat design -- click the link to find it free in 4" size at this link.


  • By request, I've added this new set to the Vintage Decals collection; even better, it's available through instant download.
  • You can order any of these new designs using the "You Pick" order form at right, then let me know which design you had in mind and I'll get it off to you ASAP. Or, if you prefer, you can view them on the new ALCHEMY page, where you'll also find a new freebie. 


  • Back when my sister and I were kids, way before "Elf on the Shelf" was a thing, my dad bought little elf ornaments for our new artificial tree. They weren't intended to be toys, but we certainly saw them that way, and we played with them whenever we could. I decided to recreate them in a handmade version for my sister's tree and my own. 

 Click here to see how they turned out.


I didn't mean to feature my brother's cats again, but he just sent this adorable photo of Max and 99, and I couldn't resist! I wish my cats liked each other this much!! 

  • I'm still working on the website and the new on-line store. If it looks to be successful I will expand it to offer more designs on instant download.   I'll continue making changes and will be playing with categories and catalogue pages to best serve my readers.  If there are designs  you've previously seen but can't find anymore, let me know!
  • Although our tomatoes are inexplicably small (they ae supposed to be beefsteak variety, but they are awfully small), our few plants have nevertheless yielded a decent harvest. I've already canned 19 quarts of tomatoes, cooked up 8 jars of pizza sauce, and made a batch of green tomato chow-chow. I've also got three cheese-onion-tomato pies in the freezer for upcoming suppers, and I still have a box of tomatoes left to process!
  • This fascinating book  -- The World Without Us, by Alan Weisman -- is a thought experiment about how the earth would respond if all human life suddenly disappeared. It's been a favourite of mine for a few years now, and it certainly rewards another read-through.  I can't recommend it enough if you're looking for a great non-fiction read.
  • Louise is crazy about foxes, and will surely be tickled with these adorable earrings, which my sisters will place in her Christmas cracker this year. I couldn't resist grabbing them for only $1 when we were out yesterday. They'll go into the parcel so my sisters will have them at hand when cracker-making time comes round.
  • Lookie here what I just received as an early Christmas gift: a 1.75" button machine kit! I absolutely did not *need* another one, I guess, but I didn't have this size, so . . .  In my defense, I do use the buttons in my crafting and can't wait to see what I can do with this new size.  This is gonna be fun! 
  • Check the bottom of each site page to find additional freebies, or click here to find some Potter-related free designs!

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