If you should find any dead links, please let me know, and I'll repair them. To find my current free alphabet series, click here. 

One new design is added to this page each week, as part of the regular site update. Each design will remain for approximately four weeks  before being removed to make space for the next new design. At any one time there will be four free designs showing on this page, with the most recent one at the top.

Unless otherwise noted, the free designs are 4" size and will stitch in a 4x4" (100x100mm)  hoop. 

To download a free file, click on the image. A download window will open, and from there you can save the zipped file to your computer. To unzip, double click on the zipped file in Windows-- a window will appear that will allow you to save the unzipped file to your computer.

Note: The free designs are in PES format. If your machine doesn't use PES, you can easily covert the files using free on-line conversion software such as the one available at this link.  Wilcom also offers free web-based or downloadable embroidery file converter available at this link.  Alternatively, you can convert with Embird Editor (available in a 30-day trial version).

To convert to Bernina's proprietary ART format, you can download their free conversion software, Artlink 6. I have never used it since it requires a Bernina machine , but some of my clients have reported success in reformatting to ART.

If you have been coming to this page for some time you will notice that I have made some changes for 2017. First, the freebies will now be available for a limited time (about a month) rather than being permanently posted. This is mainly for space reasons, as so many images make the page slow to load and take up a great deal of my allotted file room. Second, I am trying to reduce the amount of work involved with keeping the site updated each week, as the pace I had previously set for myself was simply too onerous. (Each design takes many hours to create, and I have been doing four free designs plus regular additions to the catalog, for a total of 10-14 new designs every week, not including custom digitizing).

In the past four years I have given away approximately 1000 free designs.  I will continue to post free designs with each update, one to this page and one to the free alphabet series, which you can find at this link. Thanks for your understanding. Best wishes for a happy and safe 2017.