In any given week I spend at least 30 hours on digitizing and maintaining the website, but I also like to work on other crafts and projects. This page showcases a few of the items I've recently completed.

Vintage Style Christmas Stocking

This Christmas stocking is a reproduction of one from 1954 that belongs to the baby's grandfather. The original appliques were stitched by hand, but these were done on the embroidery machine.

After the appliques were stitched and trimmed, I highlighted them with hand-sewn sequins, just like on the original. I secured each sequin with a spot of tacky glue, then sewed them in place using invisible (nylon) thread. 

The original stocking was red like the one above, but the design looks just as nice done in green. For added sparkle, you can also sew out the name in sequins.

Embroidered Patches

I made 15 of these patches for a friend who is attending a TOGA gathering in Bangor, ME. They're sure to be a hit with the attendies.

To make these mementos, I used the Domed Sewing Machine case design in 3" size (find it in the Vintage Sewing collection) and replaced the caption with the title and date. I stitched them on felt backed with two layers of medium-weight tear-away stabilizer, then trimmed the felt to a narrow border. They can be stitched to a garment  or attached using fabric glue.

Large Teddy Bear

Soft toy design has been a hobby of mine for years; way back when I even used to design toys for magazine features.

I don't do as much of this kind of sewing as I used to, but I do like to keep in practice, and recently made this bear for a friend's first grandchild.

This bear stands about 30" tall and takes nearly two pounds of polyester stuffing. He's been customized with an embroidered heart showing the baby's name.

Re-Upholstered 50sChair

I taught myself upholstery years ago so I could refurbish some of my garage-sale furniture. This Scandinavian chair, dating from the 1950s, was one of my earliest purchases back in the early 80s. It's most likely Danish, and although I'm not expert I believe the wood is teak. I've re-done the upholstery several times over the years, including stripping it right back to the wood foundation and replacing the foam and padding.

I'm happy to report that its most recent incarnation seems to hold little interest for my cat, who shredded the previous fabric but hasn't touched this version so far. We're only a couple of weeks in, so it remains to be seen if my luck will hold.

Matchbox Ornaments

Each Christmas, I make new crafty ornaments for friends and family. Among this year's offerings are these nifty matchbox ornaments.

Each box was handmade with a printed tartan sleeve, and can be opened to reveal a sign that reads "Cape Breton Christmas".

The embellishments on the outside of the boxes include these 1" tall embroidered lobster motifs, digitized specifically for this purpose since I couldn't find any mini lobsters. I also made the medallions. 

Look for more freebies throughout the site!