I spend quite a lot of time each week on digitizing or tinkering with the website, but I also like to work on other crafts and projects. This page showcases mostly things I've been working on, though I do sometimes feature items made by my sisters. Most are embroidery-related, but some show other crafts and activities as well. Many of the items, though not all, are gift items for friends and siblings, mainly for Christmas, the biggest gift-giving time of the year in my family.

If any of these project ideas interest you, please let me know and I'll post some detailed instructions.

Book Binding Repairs

Posted 26 May 2023

As you'll know if you've been following my project posts, I love making and repairing all manner of things.

I also happen to love books, so it's not surprising that, when faced with some books whose bindings had failed, I undertook to repair them myself.  I'm not an expert, but I think they turned out pretty well.

To see if you agree, click here  to find the PDF.

Button Machine Spin Tops

Posted 19 May 2023

I love playing around with my button machines, especially if I can come up with something new to make. This latest idea -- which I've not seen anywhere else -- will create cute trinkets for Santa to add to everyone's Christmas stocking come December. Click here to see what they are!

More Oyster Shell Ornaments

Posted 12 May 2023

I made several more of these ornaments after my first post two weeks ago, and they are gorgeous! I also learned some more in the process.

Click here to see these latest additions to my ornament collection, and to read my tips for working with the shells.

Elf Sack-style Stocking

Posted 5 May 2023

This is what my Elf Sack Stocking looked like back when I designed him in the 80s. I made changes for the latest version, and I'm really pleased. Click here to see the Elf Sack then and now.

Oyster Shell Ornaments

Posted 28 April 2023

After receiving a box of these shells at Christmas, I decided to try my hand at making them into ornaments. I'm really pleased with how they turned out! Click here to see what I came up with.

Guys and Dolls, Jen Style

Posted 21 April 2023

In a previous incarnation, I was a prolific designer of soft toys, including many dolls. Click here to see some of my creations from back in the day, including this Handsome Devil.

New Game Tiles Storage Bag

Posted 14 April 2023

The plastic bag that holds these game tiles has seen better days, and I wanted something better to keep with my board game. Click here to see the new bag.

Card Game Box Re-Make

Posted 24 March 2023

I dislike these flap-style boxes for card games. They're hard to manoeuvre and often are flimsily made, so they don't stand up very well to repeated use.  Hate 'em.

I decided to try my hand at making a new box that would make it easier to access the cards while preserving the original packaging images. Click here to see what I came up with.

Seam Ripper Re-Cap

Posted 17 March 2023

I seem to have accumulated a number of these small seam rippers that have lost their caps, and I wanted to find replace-ments to keep the sharp points covered. 

Click here to see what I came up with.

Sheena's Vintage Stocking Re-Make

Posted 3 March 2023

My sister's original stocking, made when she was a baby, went to pieces years ago. She's got another, but I thought it might be nice to recreate the first one, just for the sake of nostalgia.

Click here to see the result.

This Year's Tees

Posted 17 February 2023

I make most of my gifts, and because my list is long I like to get started early on my projects. Prominent among these are the shirts that I pretty well always embroider for the guys. They like the personal touch, and I like choosing design motifs to suit each one's tastes and personality. 

Click here to see a few of the shirts that I've completed so far this year.

Tricot Drawstring Cord

Posted 3 February 2023

Look at all this lovely cord, just waiting to be added to my drawstring gift bags! It's smooth and strong, and -- surprise! -- it's made of tricot!

Click here to read more about this project. 

Ornament Repairs

Posted 27 January 2023

With Scampers around, it's not surprising that things get broken . . . but believe it or not, I was actually able to repair the ornament that these pieces came from, plus a few others.   

Click here to read more about this project.

Jacket Sleeve Repair

Posted 20 January 2023

This jacket is my hubby's favourite, but the sleeves were worn through. The rest of the jacket was in great shape, so I thought I could give him a couple more years of use if I fixed these gaping holes. 

Click here to read how I did it.

Raising the Rack

Posted 13 January 2023

Lacking a fireplace, we've been using this metal stand to hang our stockings. It's been okay, but I've always thought it was a bit too low to the ground, so that the stockings drag on the floor or hang over the ones below. Ideally I'd like a bit more height, and this year I finally decided to do something about it. 

Click here to see my solution.

And Me, Mr. Dressup

Posted 6 January 2023

My sister's nimble crochet fingers have been hard at work again this year, and she's outdone herself. Meet Mr. Dressup, for nearly thirty years the star of the eponymous CBC children's program -- rendered in crochet! He's gorgeous. 

Click here to see more photos and read more about the doll.